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How does Appoint Alert Work?

Assume, you are at your home now. And you plan to get a haircut. You then leave home and go to the salon. There you find that the salon is crowded and it may take an hour or so to get haircut.

I know how does it feel. It happens with most of us most of the time.

It would have been great if you could have scheduled the haircut in advance, isn’t it. Though there are many salons where you can reserve the time slot but still most of the local barbershop doesn’t have similar facility.

If we consider the day to day tasks, then there are many places where we get stuck due to the lack of scheduling. Be it a clinic, spa, consultant, photographer etc.

So, why waste your time when you can schedule your tasks in advance?

Define your schedule in advance and book

Steps to reserve an appointment –

Go to the appointment section.

Select the desired service

Then select the location

Choose the service provider and you are done.

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How can you EARN heavily from this website?


If you are a vendor (service provider) offering any type of service – then you are at the right place. You have an opportunity to earn heavily from this website – that too without any extra effort. We have suggested to you use our  online scheduling software.  Sound good, right.

Let me tell you how you can earn.

As you might have already seen that we offer an aggregated service where any customer can select the service and book an appointment. Then on the scheduled date, he/she would take the service.

Increase in Sales

Now, for a vendor who is listed here would obviously have huge reach and many more people would be able to see his service – resulting in increased sale.

Brand building

Listing at our website would not only increase sales but also help in the brand building which is very crucial for any business. If you have any website then it would also result in improved ranking due to backlink from our website.

Acquisition of clients at no cost –

Generally, to acquire any client, you need to give an advertisement either by pasting posters, hoarding or google/facebook ads in online route. But, here at our website, you can list your business free of cost – which means every client that you acquire through this website would be free of cost.

How to get benefitted the most (must read) – 

Currently, the number of vendors on this website are less than 100. Which means if you get listed, then you would have an advantage of first mover. With less competition now, the probability of acquiring more client is high now.  So why wait, register today and start gaining clients free of cost.
Note – The ongoing free listing of any vendor may be stopped on later dates as per the decision of the management. There may or may not be prior notification for this.


1) Your customers can book appointments 24/7 Your availabe time.
2) Send booking reminders automatically.
3) Manage Scheduling With Multiple Location.
4) Easy to Manage your opening hours, extensions and holidays.
5) Appointment and open colse day scheduling in one calendar.
6) Put your appointment book online in minutes.
7) Free SMS Reminder.
8) No website required.
9) Fast, professional support.
10) Data backed up daily on our secure servers.
11) Manage your appointments from any device, anytime.
12) Multiple Report Option.